Bhuta shuddhi should not happen like an exercise but like a love affair – with absolute involvement. It should happen with a sense of devotion and love.
— Sadhguru

Bhuta Shuddhi

The basis for all creation, including the physical body, is the group of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and space. The wellbeing of the body and mind can be established by purifying these five elements within the human system. This process also shapes the body into a stepping stone towards one’s ultimate wellbeing. There is a whole system of yoga called Bhuta Shuddhi, which means “purification of the elements.” The Bhuta Shuddhi processes provides a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from this esoteric yogic science, which otherwise requires intense sadhana (spiritual practices). Read more on Bhuta Shuddhi.

• Keeps the system in harmony and balance
• Prepares the system to handle powerful states of energy
• Enhances the capabilities of the physical body, mind, and energy system
• Creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system

Program Details
Sessions: 1 session
Duration: 1.5 hrs
Condition: Empty stomach
Age: 14 yrs and above
Cost: $180 / 180€ (includes Bhuta Shuddhi kit)

You will learn the entire practice in a way that you will be able to continue practicing daily by yourself. We offer free continuous support in case you have any doubts or questions as you practice on your own.

"Bhuta Shuddhi gives me the feeling of stillness and relaxation. Sitting with eyes closed after the practice feels so peaceful, relaxed and still at the same time. It calms my mind and cleanses the energy (or whatever is not meant to be there). Out of all practices I probably like Bhuta Shuddhi the most, because for the amount of time you invest in it, the outcome is huge. After the first session I already could feel the difference. A very powerful practice."
Vincent Pross
Musician | Cologne, Germany
"I learned Bhuta Shuddhi with Polina in Cologne. I am practicing Bhuta Shuddhi daily, which brings me in contact with the elements in a very subtle way. It was a great experience to be in Polina's presence. At first I was a little nervous, but just her presence calmed me down immediately. She conducted the session flawlessly with precision and grace. My experience was rounded up by listening to her beautiful voice chanting the mantra. I can highly recommend Polina´s teaching skills."
Alexander Schneider
Retail Associate | Cologne, Germany

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