Class Guidelines

Before Class

Registration & Payment
Please ensure to submit the registration form and payment before attending class. Payments can be made via Venmo (@AnaHatha) or via PayPal (
Registration & Payment
Please maintain an empty stomach condition when you attend the sessions, and practice at home after learning the entire practice. Empty stomach condition means before your practice, wait 4 hrs after a meal; 2.5 hrs after a snack; 1.5 hrs after a beverage, except for water.
Attire & Accessories
For the practice of classical hatha yoga, it is most conducive to wear loose fitted clothing made out of organic cotton. It is best not to wear any metal jewelry on your body during practices. Your only requirements for the class are a yoga mat and a yoga cushion, if available.

During Class

The class will start and end on time. Doors will open 30 min before start time. Since each part of the class is very significant for the entire practice, you will not be able to attend if you are late.

Shoes, Bags & Phones
Please leave your shoes at the entrance and all your belongings, including your phones. Please ensure your phones remain silent during the practice (no sound or vibration).
You are welcome to drink water before and after class. If possible, please do not drink water during the sessions.
Please pay attention to every detail during class. All information is critical for you to be able to practice at home. Please do not take any notes during class; you will receive notes at the end of the last session.
At the end of each session, there will be a designated time for questions. If possible, please do not interrupt the session unless you need to address or clarify something right away to be able to continue the practice.

After Class

You will receive continuous support after the sessions are completed. If anything needs to be clarified as you go along in your practice, you can always reach out to the teacher via email - - or via WhatsApp +34.603.632.173.
The practice you are about to learn will be taught to you in a certain way. The content of each class is set by Sadhguru and allows no deviations. Under no circumstances should you teach any of the practices to anyone else. A classical hatha yoga teacher undergoes an intense 5-month training at the Isha Yoga Center to receive their certification and to be able to teach the practices. As Sadhguru says, a practice that has the power to transform your life, can also cause damage if not done correctly. So it is very important that the practices are taught in a propper way by a certified teacher.
Sanctity of the Practice
The practices you’ve learned should be held with a ceratain reverence. Please do not talk during your practice or while in an asana and do not just get casualy into any of the asanas. Also, please do not change the practice in any way, all practices must be done in the same way as they were taught to you. Every detail of the practices is significant for it to function properly.
No Music
The practices are designed to generate an inward focus, please do not use any music while practicing classical hatha yoga.
The practices must be done within the temperature range of 60-89ºF / 16-32ºC.
One of the most critical aspects of the practices is the raising of samat prana within the body. We recommend supporting the practices with a pranic food diet. Negative pranic food and substances will work against the benefits of classical hatha yoga.

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