Meditation is a means to realize the beauty of your existence.
— Sadhguru


When you are identified as the body, your whole perspective of life will be about survival. When you are identified as the mind, your whole perspective is enslaved to the social, religious and family perspective. You cannot look beyond that. Only when you become free from the modifications of your own mind will you know the dimension of the beyond.

Unless you go beyond the limitations of the body and mind, your life will not be fulfilled with just eating, sleeping, reproducing and dying. All those things are needed in your life, but our life is not complete even if you have fulfilled all these things. This is because the quality of a human being has crossed a certain boundary of awareness. It has to seek something more, otherwise it will never be satisfied. It has to become unlimited – and dhyana or meditation is a way of moving into the unlimited dimension of who you are.

Following meditations are offered as part of certain sessions, however, those meditations are also available for download:

Isha Kriya
Chit Shakti Meditations for Health, Love, Peace and Success

Other Offerings
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